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~Hi Everybody! My name is Sophie!

I am three years old, and I have Type 1 Diabetes.  Type 1 Diabetes means that my pancreas doesn't make insulin anymore, so I have to take injections many times a day to stay alive.  One of the scariest parts about having T1D is low blood sugar, as a low blood sugar is a life threatening situation!  Even scarier than this is the fact that I cannot tell when my blood sugar is low (hypoglyciemic unawareness), which means that I could be on the verge of collapse, seizure, or coma, and not know a thing about it! 


Low blood sugar can be caused by many different things, the most obvious of which is inadvertently taking too much insulin.  It can also be caused by too much exercise, too little carbohydrate intake, or for absolutely no logical reason at all...

Even scarier than this is the fact that my blood sugars are very unstable at night, with frequent un-explained drops in my blood sugar as I sleep.  To keep me safe, my parents have to check my sugar several times a night, which takes it's toll on everyone. 

The good news is that you can help!  A diabetic alert dog will improve the way my family manages my disease, and alert my parents when my blood sugar is going too high or too low.  These service dogs are amazing, and can detect a low or high blood sugar much more quickly than a glucometer.  Moreover, they are trained to retrieve juice and glucagon in the event of a low, and even dial 9-1-1 on a service device.  Until there is a cure, a diabetic alert dog will add another layer of protection against high and low blood sugar, and all of the horrible things that go along with high and low blood sugar.  Until there is a cure, there is a dog... a diabetic alert dog.



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