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Let's Give It Up For The Gamers!

Let's Give It Up For The Gamers!
Jamie Mullins - Sun Jun 24, 2012 @ 09:31AM
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So last week, a Facebook post by the lovely Andrea Marshall went a little something like this:


A very heartfelt gesture which we thought was amazing... and what's more amazing is the response that ensued...

A seed was planted in the "Twitterverse" by Rhea Boye, the lovely daughter of Chancey Boye, who just so happens to be a distant cousin of Heidi's on her Pop Baxter Barrett's side of the family!  Chancey got the shout-out from Andrea...

And from that seed grew an overwhelming response - to the tune of almost $1000.00... yes, that's correct, and I didn't insert an extra zero by accident - $1000.00!!!!!!!  That's incredible, and has pushed us over the 20% mark for our total fundraising goal!  Thanks in large part to the "gamers" from the States that answered the call from Rhea and the rest of her family.  So let's all give it up for the gamers!

We can't thank you enough Andrea, Chancey, Rhea, and friends, and if you find yourself in our neck of the woods, we would love to introduce you to Sophie and her furry lifesaving friend!

On a side note, the owner of Doodlekit, the company which is hosting our website, has upgraded our site from the basic free version, which eliminates the presence of ads on our site, and allows us to do more things with the site.  These doodlekit sites are extremely easy to put together, and we wanted to make sure we said thanks to the folks at doodlekit for their kind gesture.

Comments: 1


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