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Generosity Personified

Generosity Personified
Jamie Mullins - Tue Jun 12, 2012 @ 07:25PM
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There must be an old saying out there somewhere about how there are people in this world who band together for a common cause, give of themselves for that cause, and for no other reason than just be-cause... and if that addage isn't out there, I guess it is now! : ) 

So what am I getting on with now...?  Allow me to explain...

So - I had a chat with my Aunt June Lilly last week - a chat about a fundraising effort that she had started at the fish plant where she works in Harbour Breton, NL.  She said that some people had expressed interest in donating, and after she had placed a poster about Sophie and her quest for a Diabetic Alert Doggie, we received the staggering sum of $440.00!!!!!!!!!


That's huge - and it came from an amazing group of people that work long and hard hours - but they took the time out of their day, and the money from their pockets, to donate to Sophie for her "yewwow" (yellow) doggie.

We can't thank-you enough - from the bottom of our hearts - we just can't thank-you enough!  Thank-you Joyce Skinner, Audrey Hickey, Rosaline Lambert*, Gen Day, Gladys Drakes, Lillian Stewart, Christine Organ, Maisie Cornish, Laverne Jackman, Joanne Pierce, Margaret Rose, Linda Snook, Shelly Colombe, Marilyn Skinner, Brenda Cox, Wanda Skinner, Christine Pierce, Holly Hillyard, Marjorie Day, Jillian Mullins, Melvin Hunt, Dianne Mullins, Kerwin Langdon, Ivy Snook, Darlene Shinne, Gladys Griffin, Erenestine Stoodeley, Linda C., Flaranie Whittle, Laura Lambert, Darlene Foresey, Georgina Day, Melinda Langdon, Mechelle Hunt, Marion Colombe, Margaret Langdon, Marion Strowbridge, Marie Bond, Elizabeth Day, Jane Tibbo, Bonnie Cox, Rhonda Stewart, Lillian Pardy, Anne Johnston, Vera Mullins, Florance Snook, Denise Moors, Janie Power, Sandra Bungay, Margaret Molloy, Sharon Skinner, Lenora Whittle, Carolyn Drake, Elaine Baker, Gloria Pierce, Mart Pardy, Mary Cox, Ida Bungay, Garotte Pierce, Eleen Griffin*, Gerald Dobbin*, Veronica Skinner, Susie Snook, Wallace Tibbo, Geraldine Skinner, Maxine Pierce, Shirley Skinner*, Charlotte Price, Gilbert Oke, Linsay Rose, Darell Marks, Wayne Jensen, Carmelita Hynes, Eileen Lilly, Daphne Stoodley, Sandra Pierce, Gladys Shephard, Sherry Skinner, Leo and Ann Stewart, and Reg Tibbo.

... Whew, that's quite a group.  I hope I have spelled everyone's names correctly, as some of them were hard to make out on the list.  The lovely folks with the * next to their names are not actually employees at Northern Processing Inc, but thought enough of the cause to donate anyway... what else can we say, except one last heartfelt thanks for this exceptional bunch, and an extra special thanks to our Aunt June - you are wonderful!  We love you!   


Comments: 1


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