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And we're off!

And we're off!
Jamie Mullins - Wed May 23, 2012 @ 07:38PM
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We have officially kicked off our efforts to raise funds for a diabetic alert dog for our inspiring little Sophie!

Please check back frequently to monitor our progress!  We will be holding fundraising events throughout the year to move us to our first milestone, a $1000.00 deposit which secures our place in line.  We hope to get the dog in approximately 8-12 months.

Also, take a look at the following breeder snippit to learn more about these amazing service animals and the impact they are having on the diabetic community:


Diabetic Alert Service Dogs
Diabetic alert service dogs are trained to recognize and alert on the scent of low and/or high blood sugar in diabetics. Through our trainers and our unique process, we are recognized as a leader in providing the highest quality bred, impeccably trained medical alert service dogs available today.
Our reputation for breeding excellence provides you with a comforting sense of security, and knowledge that our dedicated staff will become an integral part of your family through our ongoing consultation and continuing education services.
Our experience and expertise provide the foundation on which we are pioneering our comprehensive training and education programs. Our state-of-the-art standards achieve excellence in producing the next generation of diabetic alert dogs.
Partnering with a Diabetic Alert Dog can have a significant impact on an individual's life including the potential to save it:
Tighter glycemic control
Research has shown for every 1% reduction in the A1c, the risk of micro vascular diabetic complication (kidney, eye, cardiac, nerve disease) is reduced by 40%.
Often diabetics don't "feel" their low blood sugars and their bodies are slow to react to how their insulin pumps have been programmed. These events can lead to dangerous lows which can result in seizures, coma, and even death. Implanted glucose monitoring systems are often 20 minutes behind an alert dog. These electronic systems measure parts per million. In studies dogs have been shown to scent parts per trillion. Diabetics may sleep right through a monitor's alarm, whereas a trained diabetic alert dog is persistent to the point where s/he will "go get" another member of the household if the diabetic does not respond.
Personal independence
It is a well documented that a confident, hard-working service dog provides emotional security to people that have fears of the "what if " scenario. These fears may cause a person so much anxiety that they shut themselves away from everyday life such as school, career, travel and interpersonal relationships. A service dog can provide a sense of balance and well being giving the individual the self-confidence needed to get out in the world and live their life to the fullest.
Our goal is for children and adults living with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes to live a long, happy life without complications and to manage their diabetes appropriately until a cure is found. Until there is a cure, there is a dog.
Comments: 1


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